Social Media and Internet Marketing  - Love it or hate it?

I absolutely LOVE it and that is why I have my Virtual Assisting business.  I want to do what I love for a living, don’t you?

My passion is to be there to help you get those pesky Internet Marketing and Social Media tasks done. I know it takes time to complete theses tasks but they are important to the success of your business.

Virtual Assistant – Why you need one!

Many of these Social Media tasks can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

I just happen to be a Virtual Assistant and I specialize in Internet Marketing and Social Media because that is what I like to do. I have found that when you take on tasks that you don’t like to do it makes you grumpy. I don’t like to be grumpy and I don’t want you to be grumpy either.  Even though Grumpy Cat is one of my favorite cats in the world, I still don’t want either one of us to by grumpy.

Let’s not be grumpy together,  instead let’s work together so that your business can thrive and so can mine. I have been a Virtual Assistant since 2006 and I’ve earned my certificate as a Social Marketing Specialist & Internet Marketing Specialist from VA Classroom.

Work on your Business – not IN it.

When you are working on your business instead of in your business then you are unable to thrive. Think about it – how many hours a day do you spend on Internet Marketing and Social Media tasks? An hour, two hours or even three?  How much of that time would you rather be spending networking, getting new clients or working with existing clients and making more money?

Or maybe you aren’t spending as much time as you know you SHOULD on Internet Marketing and Social Media or you are just confused by all the different sites you should be on and what to do once you get there.

The Solution?

Hire a Virtual Assistant.  When you hire a Virtual Assistant you are allowing yourself the freedom to do what matters most to you, and that is working on your business.

This is where I can help you. For just a few hours a week I can work in your business and help grow your Social Media and Internet Marketing. Be warned though, I don’t work with just anyone, I am kind of picky with who I take on as a client. In order for me to really want to help your business grow I need to believe in your business too. Otherwise there is no passion in my work.

Head on over to my Services page to see how I can help your business thrive. If you want to know more about me then see the About Dawn page.